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Improve your desk and meeting room utilisation with a single platform that manages all your workplace needs.

How it works

Instead of waiting for the future of work to arrive, we're busy creating it.

As a digital smart layer between people and their physical space, Nura Space removes the high cost model of 1-to-1 desk set-ups and fosters completely new ways of working.

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A single platform to meet all your workplace needs

Using our smart sensors combined with a custom app and web dashboard, Nura Space is changing the way organisations and their people work by incorporating all your workplace features into one platform.

Desk Booking

Easy-to-use and beautifully designed, this feature allows users to access a live floor plan to find and book available desks.

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Locker Booking

Supported by our partner Vecos - world leaders in locker management systems - with full booking, opening and release integration in the Nura Space app.

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Meeting Room Booking

Search and book meeting rooms through our app or web portal, with searchability on room capacity, multi-media, white boards or other accessories.

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Visitor Management

Visitor Management gives you the ability to invite a user, check-in upon arrival, and maintain a live visitor log, with push-notifications to let you know when guests arrive.

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Team Collaboration

My Team lets users create, follow or join teams and view when they’re scheduled to be in the office. Teams can set reminders and goals to better manage hybrid working arrangements.

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Workplace Analytics

A single touchpoint to monitor all your key workplace usage and sensor metrics, with the ability to generate comparative reports for more informed decision making.

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Workplace Safety

A range of tools to support safe working practices, including how to contact the on-site first aider or fire warden and familiarising yourself with the emergency exits. 

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Quality first. All projects are backed by our fanatic support & 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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new world of work

We know the purpose of the workplace is changing

Business leaders are being challenged every day to find new ways of optimising their workplace. In fact, 80% of workers would consider moving employer for one that focused more on employee experience, wellbeing and culture.

Nura Space’s intuitive, feature-rich platform can help you attract and retain talent, enhance organisational culture, and maintain competitive advantage.

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Designed for the changing needs of your people

Built by workplace product specialists and leaders in change management, Nura Space helps you optimise your workspace and better manage the day-to-day needs of your employees.


Easily retrofitted to existing work-spaces or customised to a new office fit-out, Nura Space works for any layout or workpoint configuration.

Simple deployment

Easily deployed with low friction, Nura Space is a 100% independent solution that isn't part of your IT infrastructure.

Boost wellbeing

Promotes increased levels of movement, comfort and safety through easily accessible workplace practices and wellbeing tips.


Provides the flexibility and freedom for your people to create their own workplace experience based on diverse needs.

Quick decisions

Allows managers and teams to be guided by real-time and historical data to make quick, informed decisions.

Reduce costs

Gives business leaders critical metrics to understand how their building is being utilised to manage property costs.

Seamlessly integrated with leading platforms

Instead of waiting for the future of work to arrive, we're busy creating it.

What our customers say about Nura Space

Before we engaged Nura Space, we were using Outlook to book desks which was clunky, inefficient, time wasting, and not transparent. Nura Space transformed this space. It means swapping desks is easy and seamless. The system is very flexible and provides great data to base decisions upon. The Nura Space team is also great to deal with and highly proactive in improving the system. Highly recommend it as a product.”

Fiona Bottcher, Carr

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