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Provide a safe and secure environment for your entire workforce with Nura Space.


Connecting your people to safe workplace practices

The Nura Space app gives your people the safety and security they need while maintaining hybrid working with a set of easily accessible tools.

Emergency contacts

Search and contact the on-site first aider or fire warden for any emergencies.

Emergency exits

View a live floorplan to familiarise yourself with emergency exits.

Scheduled services

Create notifications for safety and emergency personnel to ensure onsite presence.

beta mode

Report and resolve workplace hazards

Work Logging gives your people the ability to photograph and document hazards or incidents, such as spilt liquids, structural damage or exposed wires.

These can then be easily delegated to support services and logged through your Nura Space dashboard.

Currently in beta mode, Work Logging will add another great feature to our Unified Working Platform.

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