Each of the Nura Space partners have been chosen due to their high level of quality, service, innovation and value. This is to ensure their service, technology, reliability and cost falls inline with the Nura Space ethos and vision.

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Schiavello Furniture

Schiavello is Australia's leading office furniture manufacturer who has been creating inspiring workplaces for over 65 years. Our shared commitment to innovative workplaces, supported by tech, has culminated in a raft of novel furniture/technology integrations that are revolutionising the way people interact with the workspace.

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Our longstanding partner, Vecos, created the world's first smart-locker booking system, which we have integrated into our technology to allow users to remotely book, release or open a locker from their phone. Another reason why Nura Space really is the single app for all your workplace needs.

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CMS Engage

Nura Space has partnered with workplace innovator CMS Engage, a smart IoT hardware solution comprising of a Smart Cell, Desk Sensor and Status Indicator with RFID. Used together, desk will display availability status in either green, red or blue. It also enables workstations to be energised upon check-in, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and contributing to sustainability goals.

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