A single platform for all your workplace needs

Simplify, streamline and automate a raft of common employee and facilities matters from a platform that's thought of it all.


A flexible workplace needs flexible tech

Streamline workplace processes for your employees and facilities personnel - while allowing workplace freedom and flexibility - with a purpose-designed workplace management tool.


A comprehensive solution for a
dynamic workplace

Managing hybrid workplaces just got easier with a raft of features to assist employees, suppliers, facilities and IT personnel

Resource optimisation

Identify under/over resourced departments and redistribute equipment to where they are most needed via workplace analytics.
No more ad-hoc blind ordering.

Analytics & insights

Capture and retrieve the insightful data necessary to better understand workplace utilisation and behavioural patterns over time.

Roles & permissions

Set up the platform in accordance with company requirements and policies. Assign super admin roles, limit bookable zones by team and set your own booking rules.

Monitor compliance

Stay on top of compliance issues such as fire warden and first aider quotas in a flexible office with a live view of employee attendance and historic reporting.

Create neighbourhoods

Employees can easily establish team neighbourhoods or zones to suite different types of tasks or working styles. No more haphazard hot-desking.

Curated user experience

A single app for desk, room, locker and car park bookings with the ability to view team bookings makes for a seamless experience in line with companies' de-apping strategy.


What our customers say about Nura Space

Before we engaged Nura Space, we were using Outlook to book desks which was clunky, inefficient, time wasting, and not transparent. Nura Space transformed this space. It means swapping desks is easy and seamless. The system is very flexible and provides great data to base decisions upon. The Nura Space team is also great to deal with and highly proactive in improving the system. Highly recommend it as a product.”

Fiona Bottcher, Carr

For a workplace that works

Discover how Nura Space can improve employee experience and optimise your workplace today.

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