A single solution to manage your workplace success

A range of powerful features to help optimise your workplace and improve the productivity of employees.


Flexible tech for a flexible workforce

A growing list of unique features accessible in a single platform, that is reshaping the way in which people work. Provide key decision makers with the analytics required to further optimise costs and efficiencies.


Desk Booking

Easy-to-use and beautifully designed, Desk Booking allows users to access a live floor plan to search, find and book available desks.

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Find and check-in

Simply search, locate, book and check-in, with everything managed via our smartphone app or web portal.

Flexible working

Ideal for hybrid working arrangements, multi-site locations and workforces that manage contractors and freelancers.


Locker Booking

An integrated Locker Booking feature, supports users searching and booking their lockers on a live floor plan.

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Leading technology

Smart locker hardware is supported by our longstanding partner Vecos, who produce the industry’s leading locker management system.


Enhance your employee experience with a convenient Locker Booking solution that works within the Nura Space app.


Meeting Room Booking

Enable greater collaboration and workspace utilisation with our powerful Meeting Room Booking technology.

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Search and book

Accessed via our smartphone app and web portal you can search and book meeting rooms anywhere in your building on the live floor plan.

Hardware integration

Using the Nura Space Room Booking Panel users can access quick bookings, room calendar and check-in features on a 10.1 inch touch screen panel.


Team Collaboration

My Team is the perfect tool for organising your teams and helping them connect and communicate with each other.

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Connect with teams

Create, join or follow teams and view when and where each is booked to be in the office.

Real time data

Access to real time and historical data to understand teams are utilising workspaces.


Visitor Management

Improve client experience and minimise your front desk services with our Visitor Management feature.

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Guest notifications

Instant notifications let you know when your guests have arrived creating a smooth client experience.

Live logbook

Stay on top of everyone who enters your building, with a real-time logbook including names, dates and times.


Workplace Analytics

Gain a real time understanding of office utilisation with the industry’s most powerful Workplace Analytics tool.

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Live dashboard

Provides managers with a single location to view live statistics on desk, room and locker bookings, plus behavioural and space utilisation data.

Informed decisions

Generate custom reports to inform your workplace design decisions and manage property costs.


Workplace Safety

Provide a safe and secure environment for your entire workforce with our Workplace Safety feature.

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Emergency contacts

Easily locate and contact the on-site first aider or fire warden for any emergencies.

Scheduled services

 Create notifications for scheduled services and personnel that impact building safety and accessibility.

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What our customers say about Nura Space

Before we engaged Nura Space, we were using Outlook to book desks which was clunky, inefficient, time wasting, and not transparent. Nura Space transformed this space. It means swapping desks is easy and seamless. The system is very flexible and provides great data to base decisions upon. The Nura Space team is also great to deal with and highly proactive in improving the system. Highly recommend it as a product.”

Fiona Bottcher, Carr

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Discover how Nura Space can improve employee experience and optimise your workplace today.

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