How visitor management helps elevate client experience

Improve client experience and streamline your front desk services with our Visitor Management solution.


Create a live visitor log to strengthen building security and traceability

Our Visitor Management feature will help enhance your client experience and provide a detailed record of who’s in your office or building.

Seamless experience

Ability to invite a user with contactless check-in upon arrival.

Arrival notifications

Maintain a live visitor log with notifications letting you know when guests arrive.

Save on resources

Streamline your front desk processes through a single Unified Working Platform.

contact tracing

Easily keep track of your visitors

Recent global events have forced many businesses to establish tighter processes on who visits their premises to comply with local health guidelines and general workplace safety.

As the world shifts to this new way of working, our Visitor Management features gives you a real-time record of every visitor, with date and times logged.

Customers optimising their workplace with Nura Space

Improve your visitor experience with Nura Space

Visitor Management is a unique part of our Unified Working Platform, helping businesses optimise their workspaces.

World class design

Huge library of components

Save hours from development