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Helping leaders understand office utilisation

Nura Space has combined its workplace product development expertise with the latest behavioural insights to provide managers with a dynamic understanding of how their office is being used.

The result is a single workspace platform that removes the high cost model of 1-to-1 desks and delivers the answer to your hybrid working needs.

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If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Delve into Nura Space analytics.

A connected workforce

With awareness of the workplace being easily accessible, employees can now maintain connection to each other and facilitate natural utilisation, all within the boundaries set by the company Nura Space Master Administrator.


Policies are what define how users access Nura Space, and your company resources and assets. They can be edited, updated and changed by your Master Administrator autonomously at any time.


Resources make up the 'bookable' assets within your organisation. Group them together to create zones, neighbourhoods or team allocations.


Employees can be grouped together as an efficient way of providing consistent access and experience to the workplace,  alternatively Administrators can individually allocate users to assets or resources.


A flexible workforce needs flexible tech

Nura Space allows your people to better manage their hybrid working arrangements - users can gain a live snapshot of the meeting room and desk availability before heading in.


How do users access Nura Space?

We’ve made it easy for your users to take advantage of every feature, with broad compatibility across smart devices, internet browsers and operating systems.

Smartphone app

The Nura Space app is available in both the Apple and GooglePlay store for iOS and Android smartphones.

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Admin control

Administrators can use the web browser to manage accounts, control permissions and access advanced features.

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Easy to use

General users can use the app or web browser to book desks, check-in, view their team and upcoming meetings, and manage their health and wellbeing settings.

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Push notifications provide a great opportunity for organisations to include general comments, recommendations or updates on the homepage screen of their app.

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Microsoft Teams ready

Nura Space ensures your team can continue to use their favourite Microsoft tools, with seamless integration for Teams, Azure and Office365.

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Access live data

A single touchpoint to view and monitor all your key sensor measures, with the ability to generate comparative reports for more informed decision making and office utilisation.

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Any more?

Search and book meeting rooms through our smartphone app or web portal, with controls on room limits, multi-media usage, white boards and seating plans.

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Quality first. All projects are backed by our fanatic support & 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Customers optimising their workplace with Nura Space

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What our customers say about Nura Space

Before we engaged Nura Space, we were using Outlook to book desks which was clunky, inefficient, time wasting, and not transparent. Nura Space transformed this space. It means swapping desks is easy and seamless. The system is very flexible and provides great data to base decisions upon. The Nura Space team is also great to deal with and highly proactive in improving the system. Highly recommend it as a product.”

Fiona Bottcher, Carr

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Discover how Nura Space can improve employee experience and optimise your workplace today.

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