Boost employee wellbeing and health at work

A set of easily accessible tools to improve the overall physical and mental health of your workforce.


Transition to a healthy way of working

Our extensive research has identified that physical, mental and social wellbeing at work is fundamental to the success of organisational culture. Increasing movement and improving overall posture are shown to maintain productivity.

Movement reminders

Easily set reminders for regular movement and hydration breaks.


Send company announcements and reminders in-app to promote wellbeing and hygiene.

Ergonomic support

Access ergonomic training materials in-app to better prepare your workforce for hybrid-working or work from home.

Track progress

Keep track of daily performance and chart ongoing progress.

Connect to a desk

When coupled with a Schiavello Krossi desk, users can save their personal heights and control the desk.

Maintain productivity

Keep your people comfortable so they can maintain productivity


Nurturing employee wellbeing is now a top priority

More than ever before, business leaders are prioritising employee wellbeing when attempting to create a successful organisational culture. 
To help change the way people work, Nura Space has designed a range of simple-to-use tools that keep your staff active, comfortable and on top of their game - whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

Clients optimising their workplace with Nura Space

What our customers say about Nura Space

At Schiavello we have transitioned to a hybrid working environment, and understanding who is in the office, and at what times, has been a challenge. With Nura Space, our employees have a high level of visibility that only a powerful workplace technology platform can provide.

Our employees can very easily, identify who is in the office and where they are seated, easing the pathway to collaboration and utilisation.

Our hybrid work environment relies on technology to maximising opportunities and Nura Space is out performing our expectations.”

Brock Pettigrove, Technical Coordinator

Ready to boost your employee health and wellbeing?

Nura Space will be rolling out the Employee Wellbeing functionality in early 2022, adding to a growing list of features for optimising modern workplaces.

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Huge library of components

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