Easily reserve a work point with desk booking

Highly intuitive and simple to use, our Desk Booking feature is designed for the new way of working.


An easier way to manage office resources and encourage attendance.

Make life easier for your employees, contractors and freelancers with our Desk Booking feature. Simply locate, reserve and check-in via a QR code, with everything managed using our app or web portal.


The perfect solution for a
hybrid workforce

Working together with our smart Desk Occupancy Sensor, you can manage all your work-point needs in one convenient place.

Live floor plan & data

A live floor plan allows users to find and reserve available work points and navigate to their booked desk. While real-time data shows how resources are being utilised.

Fast deployment

Floor plans can be prepared for use in Nura Space in no time, and resources set-up individually or via bulk upload.

Follow me ergonomics

Hardware integration with wifi enabled electronically operated desks means users automatically adjust desk to pre-set heights from the app for a consistent set up.


Simple and intuitive, the Nura Space desk nodes are either Red (booked), Green (available), Blue (checked-in) or Grey (unavailable).

Total flexibility

Map desks directly onto your floor plan via admin portal for full control and flexibility. Include search filters like dual screen, height-adjustable, window, quiet etc.

Save cleaning costs

Indicate to cleaners which desks were occupied to optimise cleaning. Set up ‘automations’ that command desks to re-set to a standard height at the end of the day.

Watch how Nura Space is enhancing
the desk booking experience


What our customers say about Nura Space

Before we engaged Nura Space, we were using Outlook to book desks which was clunky, inefficient, time wasting, and not transparent. Nura Space transformed this space. It means swapping desks is easy and seamless. The system is very flexible and provides great data to base decisions upon. The Nura Space team is also great to deal with and highly proactive in improving the system. Highly recommend it as a product.”

Fiona Bottcher, Carr

For improved employee experience

With the Desk Booking feature your people have the flexibility and freedom to create their own ideal work set-up.

World class design

Huge library of components

Save hours from development