Improving workplace efficiency utilising hybrid working
Hybrid workplace

Improving workplace efficiency utilising hybrid working

Reshaping your workplace can improve the efficiency across your team significantly. Keep on reading to find out how to design a hybrid space using the right tools.

March 30, 2022

Creating a productive yet content workforce is a common ideal that is chased by many businesses. Nowadays, many employees and employers turn towards the hybrid working world, an attractive model that helps avoid productivity loss and increase work productivity instead.

Reshaping your workplace can improve the efficiency across your team significantly. Keep on reading to find out how to design a hybrid space using the right tools.

What is workplace efficiency

Simply put, efficiency in the workplace means to gain a greater output within the same amount of time. But also to be more clever about how you go with your work.

You don’t want to waste your working hours dealing with unnecessarily complicated procedures, trying to figure out problems that could have been avoided with the correct tools. That not only costs you time but also nerves and motivation, making everything less productive.

In order to create an efficient workplace, have a look at these aspects:

  • Resources: Having all the assets on hand from the beginning gives your team members the perfect start. 
  • Work setup: Whether at home or in the office – having a working system in place is an important factor for employees to improve their productivity. 
  • Oversight: A clear view of information allows for better and more efficient communication across the team.
  • Tech & Tools: Taking away the stress of complicated booking systems releases more time to tackle the actual projects.
  • Flexibility: Showcasing a collaborative environment creates room for innovation which leads to new ways of working.

How do you measure workplace efficiency

The best way to measure how efficient your workplace really is, is to understand how your workplace is currently used to begin with. Especially in a hybrid environment, it’s of important value to know how your office space is utilised. How many people have booked a desk? Which resources are available? Is there any behaviour standing out to you that might indicate any unanswered needs?

You can gain a fantastic overview through this Workplace Analytics tool with real time input. This analytical solution helps you discover new insights of your workforce, what is already in place and what can be improved. A solution with a great impact especially when it comes to decision making around your workplace efficiency.

How hybrid working can improve workplace efficiency

It is a big plus to make the most out of the time given when offering hybrid solutions. Having a flexible work arrangement in place allows your team to be agile and have a fantastic balance between professional and personal duties. 

How does this tie in with workplace efficiency? That’s easy. By creating a flexible situation, your employees can free their minds from piled up stress around private encounters and make better use of their time, be more present in meetings and set themselves some focus time. 

Focus time is another keyword we’d like to emphasise. The office space is great for collaboration, exchanging thoughts and ideas, discussing projects or asking questions, solving issues and planning projects in person. However, if you need to concentrate on tackling a time-consuming or detail-oriented task, it’s very useful to set some focus time in place without being interrupted. 

Unless you have specific spaces in your office that allow your employees to retreat from the noise that comes with the work social life, your hybrid workspace of choice – whether at home or somewhere else – can be a perfect method to increase productivity for given tasks.

Hybrid working also pushes the boundaries of efficiency over the line by making use of management tools. The option to book desks and meeting rooms in advance allows you to plan further ahead and takes away a lot of coordination pressure. It really is an easy strategy to start your day!

Tools to manage the hybrid workplace

A great way to improve workplace efficiency is to have the right tools on hand. By using a Unified Working Platform that provides support with all sorts of management tools, you get the whole package in one place. Hassle-free technology that is easy to use is a huge step towards making your workplace more productive!

Here are a few features you can choose from:

  • Desk booking
  • Meeting room booking
  • Locker booking
  • Visitor management
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Workplace safety

Find all our Nura Space services for a single solution to your workplace needs.

How to improve employee efficiency

When juggling a hybrid working lifestyle you might need more equipment to carry in between places. From a spare set of headphones to gym clothes for the lunch break or commuting items like a bike helmet – a nice option for employees is to have their own locker where they can comfortably store their belongings. Implement a seamless locker booking system that connects to your web browser or via app and provides a live view of available lockers. A much more effortless routine for your employees to arrive and to get started with the day.

Also crucial to any modern workplace: having access to employee wellbeing programs. A healthy approach of working opens up better physical and mental health for your workforce, making a huge difference. And the research confirms how increased movement and physical posture are helping to maintain efficiancy. An ergonomic workplace – also important in a hybrid setting – and regular reminders encouraging you to get up and moving do wonders for your productivity.

How to improve team productivity

A hybrid work system can create distance between your team members. But it does not have to be! Connecting your team to easily communicate, discuss, join up and create improves your overall team wellbeing. Bring your crew together and make coordinating and managing hybrid work arrangements easier. And with that your team’s productivity. 

Letting your team have a place for team collaboration is the perfect way to involve the group and give everyone a chance to make an impact. Being technically connected within a hybrid team also offers better organisation through team chats and project groups. 

You can also plan team dates together in the office to catch up in person. With the team collaboration system, you even get to book a space for your whole team to be able to sit together.


Utilise the many fantastic tools that empower teamwork! Be the one that got hybrid working already figured out and set up, having an advantage towards your competitors through your healthy workforce. Improving your workplace efficiency can be easy and effortless with a Unified Working Platform and tailored services for your needs. If you want to see what it could look like for your business, book a demo and our team will be in touch shortly.


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