Why your office space management is so important
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Why your office space management is so important

Understand the benefits of office space management and get an insight on how Nura Space can help you win this space and improve your overall employee experience.

March 29, 2022

A modern office space comes with lots of facilities. From different desk setups for various teams to meeting rooms, lockers, inventory and other facilities – there is a lot to manage in order to create an effective workplace experience. 

With more and more hybrid work arrangements in place, it’s of extra advantage to accommodate and coordinate every room available. And we know that there is a better solution to space utilisation than using a floor plan within an Excel spreadsheet. Read on to find out which software solution can help you with your workplace management.

What is space management?

Your office provides a variety of spaces for different purposes. The main thing is most likely your desk structure and how much room there is for your employees to get to work. With every current employee in your team and potentially more to come, it’s important to provide a good work setup with enough space to create, collaborate and communicate.

Another way to see it: it’s about asset management, knowing exactly how much space is available and optimising the inventory to maximise impact for your business. This gets a whole new perspective with your workforce working in hybrid formats as well. Your team might join certain meetings from home while some members travel into the office – on different days. Space management gains more significance when you want to create a flexible but efficient workforce.

Luckily, a Unified Working Platform such as Nura Space offers plenty of tools for space management solutions in one spot.

What are the benefits of a space management solution?

In order to manage your space, you need to know what’s happening in your area and how your crew uses the available room. We like to say:

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Workplace Analytics is a great starting point. This powerful dashboard gives you a live overview of how many desk spots are already occupied and how many are still available. You can also better understand behaviours, resource utilisation or bookings in general. A great tool that helps with keeping maintenance and making decisions about how you can optimise your office.

As an employer, an automated process rather than a manual one will also create more time and mental capacity to deal with other points on your agenda. It might even create a more cost-effective result to your organisation.

Other benefits of space management solutions include the ability to coordinate your hybrid team from a distance and when they commute to the office. Your employees will appreciate the easier start into their day by knowing in advance which desk setup they are going to have and how many people will join them there. The same counts for booking meeting rooms. Receiving a fantastic oversight of your schedule and sorting out any potential space issues also increases your team’s productivity, since they won’t have to worry about these details.

Why is space management important for workplace experience?

In general, any actions you take towards your business are aimed at improving your efficiency and making an impact. Office space management has the same goal. Enhance your productivity by knowing how to make the most use of your space and without spending time on strenuous manual processes to maintain it. And also provide a seamless workplace experience for your employees. By taking away any uncertainties about meeting room availability, desk setups and facilities, you save more capacity for your projects.

If you know your office structure and its inventory, you will also climb up the workplace safety ladder. Safety – especially with the hybrid working factor on top – is a very important aspect for your workplace experience. You and your team want to know who is checking into work and that it’s a secure environment. This also counts for any clients or visitors that might come into your office. 

How to manage your office space effectively

There are many tools and options available that can be tailored to your business. 

These are some of our classics:

  • Desk booking
    Make a reservation for your future work spot in the office. Locate the space you wish to work at, book your seat in advance and check in on the day via app, web or QR code. This is ideal when you have a hybrid working arrangement and want to plan your days in the office, including the commute and equipment you might choose. This feature is also great for booking your whole team into one setting. Find out more

  • Meeting room booking
    Manage the access to your meeting room space for greater team collaboration. Organising meetings and figuring out availability gets much easier when you can search for rooms and invite team members all in one app or web portal. It’s also easy to update meetings with a few clicks and, for those joining remotely, you can add a Microsoft Teams link too.
    Discover more

  • Employee and visitor sign in
    Give secure access to your office facilities when inviting clients, guests and visitors without losing an overview of the amount of people roaming around your property. A useful tool to monitor and keep track of the amount of people in your premise, especially for health reasons and guidelines.
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Developing engaging workplaces

Engaging workplaces need a setup for good communication at its base. With hybrid working environments, it is even more important to have a transparent and collaborative approach in place so that teams can still connect and engage even when they are not physically in the same location.

Applying simple technology and solutions that everyone can easily access encourages to utilise them more effectively and emphasises more engagement within the office, both physically and remotely. From team building to training, workshops and discussions – with the right tools in place your business will thrive with an active, healthy workforce. 

Get a quote for a bespoke recommendation for your space or book a demo with us and we will be in touch shortly.


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